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自 9 月 30 日到 10 月 8 日,我们庆祝中国黄金周并向中国游客推出特别优惠和礼品:

  • 凭借特别黄金周优惠券,您可在我们所有参与店铺享受高达门店价格 30% 的优惠。
  • 阿姆斯特丹购物者可使用购物班车享受特别折扣*
  • VIP 代金券包括在您最喜欢的六家店铺享受额外 10% 的优惠**
  • 装有精美礼品的礼品袋


光顾巴达维亚时尚购物村,在信息中心出示这个页面推广,获取黄金周优惠券、VIP 代金券、购物班车往返票和礼品袋。您还可在黄金周获取诱人价格的机会。有关这些价格的更多信息已添加到我们网站,敬请关注。


**VIP 代金券适用的条款和条件

You’re invited to shop at great savings during our Golden Week


From the 30th of September until the 8th of October, we are celebrating Chinese Golden Week and are offering special benefits and gifts to Chinese visitors:

  • With our special Golden Week Coupon booklet you can benefit from additional savings up to  30% on the outlet price in all of our participating stores.
  • Shoppers travelling from Amsterdam can use our Shopping Shuttle with a special discount*
  • VIP Voucher including 10% additional savings in six of your favourite stores**
  • Goodie bag filled with nice gifts


Visit Batavia Stad, show this page promotion at the Information Centre, receive your Golden Week coupon booklet, VIP Voucher, return Ticket for the Shopping Shuttle and your goodie bag.  You will also get the chance to win amazing prices during our Golden Week. More information about these prices will be added to our website, so stay tuned.

*Please come to our Information Centre, show this post to receive your return ticket.

**Terms and conditions of VIP Voucher apply