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From pregnancy and childbirth through to the ever-evolving journey that is motherhood, you’ve got bigger things to worry about than what to wear. And no-one understands that better than Noppies. Which is why we’re in the business of blending form with function. In every Noppies collection, you’ll find maternity pieces that fuse style with care and comfort – so you can sit back and enjoy the path to new life.

From our very first product, the Belly Band Denim, this set of principles has been our guiding motivation. Everything we do needs to bring care and comfort, in some small way, to both you and your growing family. But these two things alone are not enough. It simply wouldn’t be the Noppies way if we didn’t also consider style. Maternity wear should indeed be comfortable, and provide care for you add your growing body, but we believe it should also be stylish. It should make you feel good. And how do we do this? With quality fabric, comfortable fits and timeless cuts. We understand that your wardrobe needs to be practical, but it should also look good, too.

Our focus is not on creating something that’s fashionable or on-trend, only to be discarded after a season’s wear. Instead, our focus is on the things that last. We favour timeless styles, that can be worn time and time again. Maternity classics, that can be pulled out and reworn – the next time round. We share your love for both style and comfort, which is why we also embrace new technology and innovation. Being innovative in the maternity field is how we deliver pieces that tick all the boxes.

We believe that pregnancy and motherhood are both exciting and trying times. During the high and lows of life, you’ve got bigger fish to fry than worrying about getting dressed. But at the same time, your style doesn’t need to be compromised. Which is where Noppies comes in. With our promise of delivering stylish, care and comfort, we’ve got your back. And we promise to be right there with you, every step of the way. Your new journey starts here.